How It Works

We Supply the Interface, You Supply the Content.

Private Training Centers are built on a solid foundation, utilizing proven training technology and a stable environment. Your training is too important to leave anything to chance. Your online training center will utilize three core technologies to provide the best authoring and training experience possible:

1. Point and click setup

Use a secure Manager’s menu to tailor your training center to match your needs. Choose your options and behaviors with a one time point-and-click facility that naturally requires no programming or complex configuration.

2. Template-based authoring

A built-in authoring tool provides the variety of templates that make online learning interesting. Pre-constructed layouts let you drop in multimedia and text, as well as learner exercises, audio narrations, and pre-tests and post-tests, as desired.

3. Flexible delivery and tracking

Your private training center is based on industry standards. Everything involved in the delivery of your courses is designed to be reliable, lightweight, and responsive. The technical environment is robust, redundant, and supported by backup power and procedures. Your training center will be there when you need it.

A Proven Process

These fundamental technologies combine to provide an end-to-end training system which supports a simple three-step development and delivery process:

Step 1:

Create interactive courses using text, web pages, PDF’s, pictures, PowerPoint Slides, audio narrations, Flash movies, and/or streaming video. Use your training center’s Media Library feature to organize your training material and multimedia items, and re-use your content in multiple courses, if desired.

Step 2:

Register or import online learners, or allow them to register themselves individually. Manage enrollments and monitor progress with simple online tools like Skill Groups tracking.

Step 3:

Use your private training center’s flexible reporting menu to quantify activity, performance improvement, and knowledge transfer. Send reports of test scores or course completions to other managers by e-mail, or simply print or download results. Your training center needs to be as rock-solid and dependable as you are. Each private training center is created separately just for you, based on standard technologies and best learning practices. Utilizing a strong foundation and proven training system lets you focus on curriculum development, student progress, and reporting the success of your online education program to management.

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We used the training management system provided by FlexTraining to develop our online courses.