Using Your Private Training Center

Your online learners will use the latest web-based tools to build skills and knowledge.

The Private Training Centers Student Menu

Introduction to the flexible, configurable, Private Training Centers student menu.

Course Navigation

Move from lesson to lesson seamlessly while Private Training Centers keeps track.

Taking an Online Test

Tests may be multiple-choice, True/False, hot-spot and multimedia-based.

Create a Custom Look and Feel

Easy branding techniques give your Private Training Centers system the look and feel you want.

Template-based learning really works. Private Training Centers provides layout, navigation, tracking, and testing. Here are some examples:

Narrated Screen

Multimedia helps helps keep an online learner focused and interested.

Interactive Screen

Interactivity is key when you need to transfer knowledge and build skills.

Scenario-based Training

In this Captivate example, the learner's responses determine what kind of information is displayed next. A section of material is bypassed if the learner already has the desired knowledge.

Branching Example

In this interactive scenario, the learner gets to see what happens when they reply with the right messages in a sales conversation. They also see what happens if they respond the wrong way.

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